Game of Thrones is changing EVERYTHING!

Game of Thrones is changing EVERYTHING!

The scene is a real pain in the ass. I will say that I have never seen those scenes and I did love them, but I really didn’t get to see the scene where Robb first comes to meet Sansa before… This scene is almost like a “What do you mean?” moment. I love that scene but it’s a really terrible one. I was so excited to see her get to meet Daenerys and then to see Sansa do something like this… it didn’t really interest me as much as I am liking her to a great extent. I’m sad to say I’m not sure how I feel about Jon seeing his brother come in and meet the other characters, even though I feel that I am getting very little enjoyment out of the whole episode. I don’t know how I feel about “I Love You”. Why does it feel like a big bad kiss for Sansa and why does it feel like it won’t be long yet? As always, I like to give a shout out to J.K. Simmons who did a really great job explaining this one to me. I just hope people can feel safe and understand the story while following all the important characters in this story…

The first scene where Jon sees Sansa before his father and shows his hand in battle (yes, actually the first scene is the first scene of what will have to be a pretty epic battle, actually, which will be a long battle.) I know, I know, it’s a bit of a spoiler… this scene was very nice. Darth Rolf’s face was huge as he talked about how much he misses his father and the time he lost at the hands of Jon. What it gave me was an opportunity to not only understand why Jon’s dad is sad and sad and sad and sad, but I also saw that the big scene was a little bit of a surprise because there isn’t much time for Sansa and Daenerys to talk about what went down and how they made all the decisions and what they are doing that night. It was a great moment. I can’t really complain much about why this scene didn’t win over the fans for what it is. What is special and why is this such a perfect moment for everyone to see it, although I’m sure some of you did, and I love hearing your thoughts on it. Just the fact that this whole scene is such a big and emotional scene has been nice and refreshing and I didn’t have to give much away of myself because I didn’t like the rest. The scene was very nice, but it wasn’t the greatest it got but it was an awesome one nonetheless. I always love to watch my favorite Disney shows and I hope people do a good job of reading this and seeing what this episode has to do with them. Cheers…

I did go out on a limb to say that this scene was the best moment and it was even better than usual because I love the two dragons because they are the best and they are the greatest so I actually really enjoyed the scene too. Some of you may have gotten the impression that Daenerys had been on her last journey and that she was still on her throne. I was right… the show gave it a chance to do its thing and it wasn’t until the next episode that everyone realized the way we saw Arya in her throne that she had been on her last journey. But, with that said, I don’t think there will ever be a better scene with Daenerys and she is on her last journey, you know that. But I will talk about this later.

The other great scene where a man named Rhaegar, who has been waiting about two weeks now, gives Daenerys a nice shot so she could have been fighting for her life and get back all the way to the Red Keep and that is probably the best moment there ever was. It’s really special how Rhaegar was able to use that moment to show everyone how he is now and so why will this be such a favorite for everyone? Oh, and a special scene for Arya from where we saw her face on the balcony of the Red Keep before. When I was doing some interviews for the series, I thought this was a really cool scene that I wanted to get right away because obviously I’m a comic book reader, but I wanted to see her face in the next episode. I think that this was so cool for everybody and I think it was really good for this show that we saw him take a big step forward when he actually put his hands in the Red Keep and that’s something I’ll really enjoy this episode for sure.

I love this scene. That is also a big one because it is absolutely so amazing. There is nothing better than seeing R

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