The State Of Gaming

The State Of Gaming

As an avid gamer, I have been following the scene since the early 2000s and have seen everything change. As time progresses, the older classic games are becoming more popular and the new ones are appearing every day. Publishers are continuing to do what they have always done; re-releasing games to profit off of their previous successes. We are seeing bigger companies doing this with Blizzard revealing that “Classic Vanilla World of Warcraft” is the works. They say they are updating the games code so that it performs as well as their modern engine does, but they don’t want to change the feel or alter the gameplay. Everyone that has dabbled in MMOs has probably played vanilla WOW at some point and others, including myself, have invested countless hours into it.

There are still plenty of new games emerging and knocking the kings off their thrones. Recently, we have seen the “Battle Royale” genre take off and reach top 10 on all consoles. With PUBG on PC, and Fortnite on console, battle royale is currently the most popular and the most recent genre of games to exist. With opportunities for skins and paid items, these games are very profitable for publishers so expect even more clones to emerge.

Mobile gaming has been in my heart for many recent years. With not enough time to dedicate to playing on console or pc, I have been playing games on my phone during my commute and when I have down time. I’m still playing my favorites like Candy Crush and Mario, but I have been tempted to pick up PUBG and experience battle royal for myself. It’s definitely more competitive than I am used to, but I may enjoy the change of pace.

Although, to be honest my drive for gaming has dipped over the years. I now prefer to spend my time engaging and developing relationships with others than I do glued to the screen. Hunting level ups can only hold my attention for so long before I long for another source of entertainment and enjoyment.

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