Top Games of All Time

Top Games of All Time

Wondering what the best phone games of all time are? Well you came to the right place.

Subway Surfers  is an action packed thrill ride. Collect as many coins as possible while avoiding challenging obstacles. The controls are simply swiping left and right. You won’t have to tilt you phone while playing. This game turns a simple idea into tons of fun. Definitely a must have for any type of phone game enthusiast.

Gunship Strike 3D lets you take control of a powerful Apache gunship and blast your enemies into pulp. Realistic levels and tons of available ships keeps gamers coming back for more. The beginning levels are simple but as you go they get much harder. Strategic missile placement is necessary if you want to progress far into this game. The amazing 3D HD graphics blew me away the first time I tried this game. A++

Candy Crush Saga is a great game for casual and hardcore games alike. I never knew matching candies could be so much fun. The puzzles start off easy but progress to where I have to strategize with my friends the best way to complete them. The graphics look great and there always seems like there is a new level to challenge myself to. The only bad thing about this game is the micro-transactions. They limit how many levels you can attempt each day unless you want to shell out a few dollars. This game is a classic but can be a bit hard on your wallet. is my favorite game in the “io” realm. It lets you battle to the death against actual people in an online match. Starting out as a small snake, you have to eat blobs that make your body larger. Watch out because there are always other people trying to eat you. See if you can become the king of the match.

8 Ball Pool, Miniclip’s most popular game, is now on phones. Challenge your friends or play against a random opponent in this action packed game of pool. Put chips on the line or compete in tournaments to see if you are the best at pool. The game has a great aspect of progression in which you level up as you play. This is definitely my favorite real life phone game to play.

Temple Run is a game where you are being chased by monkeys in a mystical temple. Don’t fall down or trip because that means you life will be over. Gain power-ups that make you invincible and give you more time. With simple controls, this running game will keep you entertained for hours. While there is a high-score system, all you have to do is pay a ton of money for power-ups and you could be number one. It’s a bit disappointing in my eyes.

Hill Climb Racing is just what is sounds like. You are attempting to climb a hill in a race against the clock. The only problem is your car tends to flip over. Do you think you can beat everyone to the end in this action packed racing game? Or maybe you aren’t about being number one and would rather collect all the different vehicles and complete every level. Whatever you prefer this game has. It is simply amazing.

Fruit Ninja® brings the action to the kitchen. Slice up fruit with your finger and see how many collaterals you can get. Customize the background and your knife to your heart’s content. There is so much content in this simple game. The graphics are great and the challenge is great too. But watch out! If you hit a bomb your game is over.

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