Keeping Your Phone Secure

Keeping Your Phone Secure

In this article we will describe some of the best apps you can use to keep your phone secure and healthy. We will be focusing on the android versions of these apps but most of them are also available on IOS.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Web Security & AppLock
Kaspersky’s free mobile antivirus app boasts a multitude of features. It keeps your phone virus free by running scans for viruses, malware, trojans, and spyware in the background without bothering the user. A firewall in employed to prevent users from accessing phishing and shady websites they may not want to visit. Calls and texts from known spam phone numbers are automatically blocked. If you do get a call some a phone number you don’t recognize, the best thing to do is search it on a reverse phone lookup website and see what other people have experienced.

Another great feature is AppLock. It lets you lock applications down behind a passcode so that no one else who uses your phone can open them. That means if you have some private pictures or naughty messages, you can make sure no one else can see them.

Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN
Opera offers a speeding fast VPN for both Android and IOS. The VPN offers servers in five different locations and unmatched speeds when compared to other free VPN services. The VPN also has built in ad and tracker blocking to increase privacy for the user. The VPN connection is fully encrypted from end to end to ensure protection from eaves dropping threats and attackers. However, there is a catch. Torrenting and other peer to peer traffic is not allowed over the VPN. There are some great VPN services that allow torrenting like IPVanish. Additionally, Opera has not stated if they have a no logging policy and they do not have a canary in case of privacy evasion action from a government. While that may be a problem for some, this VPN is still an amazing product for the average user.

Piriform is now offering its popular desktop app, CCleaner, on mobile devices. The app allows users to clean unnecessary files and improve the performance of their device. CCleaner automatically knows what log files and caches can be deleted from your phone to free up storage space. You can also schedule automatic cleans at a specific time or have the app clean your phone when it is not in use. There is a pro version of the app that adds some additional features and removes ads. CCleaner is a necessary app for keeping a phone running like new.

Memory Booster
Memory Booster is a great app that helps improve your phone performance by freeing up RAM. When a device is running low on memory, it may run slow or crash. This app will free up your memory and keep your phone running like new. Memory Booster also lets you control which apps are allowed to run in the background and will automatically kill off resource hogging apps.

AccuBattery is the doctor for your phone. Its goal is to keep your battery heathy by monitoring vitals and encouraging you to charge your phone in the most secure way possible. This app will let you know when a particular app is consuming all of your battery life. You won’t have to recharge your phone multiple times a day if you follow the instructions in this app. It is honestly a lifesaver for keeping your phone feeling fresh.

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