It’s a-me, Super Mario Run!

It’s a-me, Super Mario Run!

If you could remember just one game from your childhood the most, most likely that video game has to do with anything Mario. Having delivered lots of fun and memories for children and adults alike since its creation in the early 1980’s, the world of Mario has now revolutionized into the digital age and has now gone mobile with Super Mario Run! Gone are the days when you could not play Mario anytime and anywhere you wanted. With Super Mario Run, you could be in a car, plane, train, or on the toilet and still enjoy your daily dose of Mario. Having said that, here is what makes the Super Mario Game so much fun, and has made it into one of the most popular games in Mario history.

Making the Jump to Android
When the game was first introduced to the public in December of 2016, it was only made available for iOS devices. However, not to bore you with facts, but the numbers show that there are twice as many android users as there are iOS users. So, making the leap to Android was a no-brainer for the creators and developers of the game. In fact, making the game playable for Android devices opened up the game to an estimated one billion users on the Android platform alone. It safe to say that Mario is swimming in coins after making the jump to Android. Now that the boring facts are out of the way, let us get into what makes the game itself irresistible to play.

Playability is “Wa-hoo!”
A unique characteristic of Super Mario Run that puts that game in a class of its own when compared to other games, is how easy it is to play. We are not just talking difficulty here, but the controls and playability of the game. The game itself was designed with easy to use functionalities, so much so, that you can play it while being occupied in another hand. With simple taps to control Mario as runs forward automatically, the only challenge is being able to tap correctly in order to have Mario make cool jumps and spins to gather coins and reach the end!

“Let’s-a go, Game Modes!”
In Super Mario Run, you are able to play between three different game modes to binge play off of. The three game modes are World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. In World Tour, your goal is to Run and jump to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches, nothing new. However, you must run through castles, ghost houses, and a total of 24 courses located across 6 worlds to reach Princess Peach. With the Toad Rally game mode, you are able to show off your Mario skills by competing against your friends and people from across the globe. Players get a higher score by for the highest score as much coins as you can by the end of the run, the player with the most coins is the winner. With the Kingdom Builder game mode, unsurprisingly, you get to build your very own Kingdom. The way you do this is by mixing and matching your own buildings and items to create your own unique kingdom. With hundreds of 100 kinds of items to choose from, the creations are endless.

“Mama Mia! In App Purchases!”
With today’s mobile device games, one thing that can really make or break the game is the quality and quantity of in app purchases available. Most of the time, a game will in app purchases that are either too expensive or, barely enough to choose from. But of course, with Super Mario Run, you are given countless purchases with fair prices that will not leave you looking at your bank account and saying, “Mama Mia!” To name just a few of the options you have to choose from in the game, you can choose to buy a World Tour, which unlocks all courses and worlds, you can also buy more characters to play with, more courses in Toad Rally, and even more buildings and decorations in Kingdom Builder. Once again, the options are endless.

“Thanks for-a playing my-a game!”
To sum this game up as best and as simple as possible, Super Mario Run is a game that will bring back childhood memories or create new ones, hours on end. When it comes to the Mario genre in general, it’s hard to say that you will get bored easily. Well, Super Mario Run is no exception to that fact. So, with that said, Let’s-a go play Super Mario Run!

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